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Soft Solutions Limited (SSL) was founded in 1994 and has emerged as one of the leading IT solutions and consulting companies in Nigeria. SSL help customers address enterprise challenges by providing
comprehensive solutions that combines innovative models and technologies with passion to solve business problems.
We are looking for a suitably qualified person to fill this position


The Chief Technology Officer’s role is to align technology vision with business strategy by integrating company processes with the appropriate technologies. He/She is also responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing technology initiatives within the organization. This individual should be able to maintain existing enterprise systems, while providing direction in all technology related issues in support of information operations and Core Company values both for internal and external customers.
This individual would work closely with Marketing, Business Development and Operations to define and deliver new products and enhancements. And would advise the CEO/MD on all matters align with IT and the Company's Portfolio to marketing.

Strategy and Planning: Define, update and implement IT Strategy; manage IT portfolio across all customer segments and align all IT objectives and Programs to both IT and LOB; Define and manage standards and architectures; Consolidate the IT process across the enterprise and optimize cost and services through a mix of internal and external resources. Identifies compares, selects and implements technology solutions to meet current and future needs.

Control: Align the IT Team with all customer segments performance objectives and control performance objectives and overall IT budget. Also define metrics based on overall business Objectives.

Service: Maximize the mix of in house vs. out sourced services and establish strategic service provider partnerships; select, manage and control all IT partnerships process to support the company’s growth.

Risk Management: Align IT risk management within the IT productivity objectives for both internal and external customers. Develops, tracks and controls the development of annual operating and capital budgets for purchasing, staffing and operations. Manages and optimizes infrastructure assets to satisfy internal financial targets. Aligning internal capability with market demand - strategically and tactically, the role is also accountable for successful delivery of projects and solutions to clients. So it would have to ensure appropriate delivery and QA frameworks are in place.

Business Process: Optimize and design all customer segments via IT System Development Methodology (SDM) and Define and manage IT standards and technology across the customer enterprise; Plan and manage IT initiatives; IT Portfolio and projects; Integrate governance with all IT/business processes. Increase Annuity revenue and service business to delivery at least a 1-1 ratio. Defining and delivering the technology offering to the market is also key; this therefore means not only a SDM, but project delivery processes and architecture development processes. The strategic software solutions portfolio also has to be defined, as well as technology partner management, and performance monitoring. He/she needs to build the competency frameworks across all skills to meet the market requirement.

Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.
Effective negotiation and vendor management skills.
Successful in fast paced and quick changing environments.
Technical expertise in web systems architecture, design and development.

A minimum of 10 years prior experience preferred.
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science and Masters in CS preferred.

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DUE DATE: August 21, 2012

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