Thursday, July 26, 2012

P & G Nigeria recruits Administrative Assistant, THURSDAY 26 JULY, 2012

Job Description
 Administrative assistant openings-CEE00000412

 Overall Job Purpose :
 - Provides administrative support to either a Senior Assistant or an Entry Level Manager
 Responsibilities :
 - Job is made up of a variety of secretarial/administrative tasks and duties with little supervision. Priorities are usually established. It requires a broad knowledge of office procedures/techniques enabling the solution of a wide variety of work problems. Work is more independent including small projects with guidance from immediate supervisor. Initiative and judgement is required to priorize tasks and solve straightforward problems. Work normally has a daily routine.

 Candidates with OND only (not BSC or HND)

 Only Candidates with OND only will be considered. This means that if you had an OND previously and later acquired a HND or BSC you cannot apply.



Primary Location




How to Apply

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