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House Parents at Preston International School, SATURDAY 4th, AUGUST 2012

Post Date: 2012-08-04/Desired Course(s): Not Specified/Application Deadline: September 30, 2012/Experience: 1-3 yrs /Job Status: fulltime /Location:Ondo
Job Details:
Opportunities for good quality experienced teaching and non-teaching staff are now available at Preston
International School as listed below. If interested, please kindly follow the instructions below:
Job Title: House Parents (Male & Female)
Job Description
 You are responsible for the following:
 In the mornings:
 Wake up early and prepare students for school.
 Do morning devotion with the children.
 Supervise the students in the early morning duties
 Inspect students’ (especially junior students) dressing and personal hygiene e.g. hair, finger nails, teeth and dressing before breakfast.
 Liaise closely with the house wardens to ensure discipline and care of the children.
 Eat with the children at breakfast.
 During lessons:
 Meet with classroom teachers as and when necessary to discuss the children under their care.
 Check students hostels, note and report necessary repairs to the maintenance section using the repair request forms.
 Do spot checks on students’ wardrobes and belongings to ensure that they have all their boarding house items. Note those who have items missing and follow up.
 Note and record names of students who do not comply with boarding house rules and follow up with
 corrections and punishments after school (laying of beds, proper use of hangers, arrangement of wardrobes, separating dirty and clean clothes and a host of other rules).
 Supervise the work of house wardens to ensure that the hostels are clean and tidy including toilets, bathrooms and laundry areas.
 During dinning time:
 It is compulsory for house parents to eat with the children at all times (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
 The house parents must stay with the children from their house as detailed in the dinner supervision schedule (junior and senior dining halls)
 The house parents must stay for the whole duration of the eating time for breakfast, lunch and evening meals.
 Make sure that general prayer is offered before food is served.
 Make sure that students are orderly and follow the dining hall rules in the dining halls.
 Make sure that students collect their food and eat them.
 Must be vigilant to note the children who are off food because of dislike for the particular food or illnesses etc.
 Take register during meal times to note and prevent absence from meals.
 All resident staff are responsible for setting a good example for students to follow.
 Supervise students’ Saturday house cleaning and inter house competitions.
 Supervise and join in sports activities at the weekends
 Ensure that all students come out of the hostels during weekend activities
 Supervise students’ clothes washing, hair making etc
 Supervise students’ prep in the evenings
 Supervise the activities of the house wardens
 In the Hostels- After School Hours:
 See to the welfare of students in the hostel
 To ensure the strict observance of the school rules and regulations (Siesta, speaking in low tones, etc).
 To liaise as necessary with the Principal, Vice Principals (academics and admin), Head of Boarding, Year Heads, Resident and Non-resident Tutors, Parents, Guardians and staff on matters relating to the welfare of boarding pupils through the House Parent’s weekly meeting.
 Refer sick children to the health centre and ensure they are well looked after.
 Maintain a close liaison with the Nursing staff regarding all medical matters relating to the pupils in their charge.
 Discipline of students in the hostel
 Promote high moral standards among students
 Counselling of students and referral to school counsellor
 Ensure that students come into or are out of the hostels at the appropriate times for activities
 Ensure all rooms and hostels are locked at all times when students are supposed to be out of the hostels.
 Ensure that lights out is observed.
 Ensure that all students are in their beds before going to sleep. From time to time do a ‘spot check’ at 11.30 p.m / 12 midnight that all students are where they are supposed to be.
 Do a roll call at lights out.
 Supervise collective bed time prayers.
 Supervise the Saturday hostel cleaning exercise, conduct an inspection and give positions accordingly.
 Extra Curricular Activities
 Accompany children on excursions.
 House parents must join in club activities and other social events in the school.
 Engage with the children in after-school activities.
 Emotional, Moral and Spiritual Support
 House parents must help needy children become emotionally, educationally and socially stabilized in a healthy, happy environment
 Check the dressing of the students for their activities and correct them
 Oversee the hair do and hygiene of the students
 Conduct spot checks on wardrobes every morning. (Belongings should be well-arranged and dirty and clean clothes should not be rumpled together).
 Attend meetings with the head of boarding to discuss challenges facing you as a house parent
 Be a member of the House Parents’ Committee and attend the Friday meetings with the directors.
 Write a daily report in the house parents’ book ensuring that issues arising are noted. Take necessary actions to rectify identified problems
 Take actions when the class tutor or Vice Principal academics report issues concerning uniforms, equipment and general well being of the students to you
 Prep Supervision
 House parents and other prep supervisors must sign in and out at the start and end of prep.
 House parents must collect and plug in mosquito repellant at the beginning of prep and remove and give them back to the head of boarding at the end of prep
 Supervise the children’s prep according to the prep policy
 Take prep register and deal with and investigate cases of absenteeism and illnesses
 Make sure that children study during prep
Person Specification
 Must hold a degree from a recognized, reputable university and must have completed the one-year compulsory national youth service corps programme.
 Must have considerable experience of working with young people
 House parents are required to be fully resident in the school throughout term time. This is to maintain their vital security and caring function.
 Highly motivated and energetic person.
 Committed to the ideals of Preston International School and the Christian ethos of the school
 Considerable fortitude, resilience, patience, a well developed work ethic, awareness of the needs of young people, and a sense of humour.
 To liaise as necessary with the principal, vice principal, head of boarding, class tutor and other key staff on matters relating to the welfare of boarding pupils through the house parent’s weekly meeting.
 The set duties are the bare minimum of what is required from a house parent. A commitment to school and boarding activities ranging from Chapel attendance to house excursions is a prerequisite of any boarding post. In addition house parents should know that their regular presence in their boarding house is vital in fostering security, community and friendship.
 House parents must be born again Christians, spiritually and morally sound and demonstrate high integrity
 A team player with a desire to work as a supportive part of the close-knit community that exists within the boarding house.
 Able to support the students under them in the academic, spiritual and domestic spheres
 A good communicator and with a clear understanding of the post and its responsibilities.
 Willing to work in loco parentis for the young people in their charge and will represent the needs of these young people to the wider school, parents and guardians.
 Need considerable fortitude, resilience, patience, a well developed work ethic, awareness of the needs of young people, and a sense of humour.
 House parents are required to pass extensive background checks, which will include a medical examination and employment background checks.
 House parents may need to demonstrate a proven track record in working with and assisting children
 Must demonstrate the ability to nurture each student entrusted to their care
 House Parents should be aware that they must
 Not take provisions from parents
 Not give preferential treatment to students
 Not take gifts or money from parents
 Not keep provisions or money or valuables for students
 Not make calls to parents
 Not receive calls from parents
 Not give the children in their care their personal phones to use to call their parents
 Not call students to answer calls made by the students’ parents on their own telephones
 Submit all contraband items (food, extra clothes, electrical gadgets and other non-school items) seized from students to the Head of Boarding.
 Not entertain students in their rooms
 Not openly discuss sensitive school issues with pupils or matters related to other members of staff.
 Not store or consume alcohol on campus.
 Not smoke or use drugs
Essential Criteria
 Good decent dressing/appearance
 Good verbal and written communication skills
 ICT literate (including ability to use the internet, email etc)
 Good telephone manner and general etiquettes
Method of Application
 1. Download and complete the relevant application form Here. Scan and email the completed pages to  Secondly, seal the hard copies in an A4 envelope and address it to:
The Proprietor,
Preston International School,
P.M.B 786, Akure, Ondo State.
 To deliver the hard copies, either send by post to the above address or hand-deliver to the school security post at the gate of Preston International School, Km 6, Akure-Owo Road. (Please note that you may not be permitted to proceed beyond the gate).
 2. Send an email to briefly stating your name, the job you are interested in, telephone number, qualifications, present place of employment and years of experience. This is for our information purposes only and for tracking your expected completed application form. Completion of the downloaded form is however compulsory.
 3. If shortlisted, you will be contacted and invited for an interview. If you do not here from us, it means that you have not been shortlisted.
 If successful, you will be joining a highly motivated staff team. It is therefore required that all Preston staff buy into the Preston philosophy and are sympathetic to the Christian ethos which the school seeks to promote. A high level of commitment is required and we strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the contents of this website and the over-arching vision of the school. We are looking for staff who are committed, flexible and prepared to go the extra mile and work as part of a team with a conscientious and positive approach. 

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